High Performing Executive Teams

Build a leadership team that performs and transforms

The CEO’s most important asset: a high performing executive team

数字化, 人口结构变化和全球流行病正在从根本上改变商业世界. 为了生存, organizations are being forced to fundamentally change their business models, evolve their products and services, redefine the customer experience, and work more efficiently and effectively. 

The question on every CEO’s mind is, “How can I make this transformation happen?“颠覆的步伐要求ceo几乎不间断地对组织进行变革,同时始终如一地提供更强大的业务成果. This kind of constant transformation demands alignment and agility, which can be difficult given the speed of change.

No CEO—no matter how talented, 有远见和灵感-能够独立成功地计划和实施一个新的商业模式. 这种规模的转型只有在首席执行官能够充分利用他们手中最强大的武器:高效的管理团队时才能实现. 一个高绩效的执行团队可以更快地推进首席执行官的议程,使组织更灵活,并对市场变化作出反应. 管理团队在面对复杂的挑战或问题时尤为关键. They use their combined experience and expertise to manage paradox, 探索多种备选方案,并在整个组织建立新的战略计划.

Executive team performance is Korn Ferry's research-based, 通过充分利用管理团队的集体力量来帮助首席执行官和高级管理人员实现他们的战略.


Get the best performance out of your executive team

A research-based, pragmatic approach for getting the most from your executive team. In our work, we have found that executive teams typically encounter six challenges:

  1. The team’s collective work is often vague, 引导执行官关注他们特定于角色的责任,而不是企业议程.
  2. 最有才华、最强硬的高管并不总是最有效的团队成员.
  3. 团队过程, particularly decision-making processes, are often implicit rather than explicit, leading to issues of trust. 
  4. 团队没有注意采用行为标准(规范),这些行为标准培养了信任和生产关系,这是整合和激励团队所必需的.
  5. 领导 teams typically give little thought to their ongoing development and, 作为一个结果, they fail to grow as a team. 
  6. 有效的团队运作是分阶段进行的,如果团队领导者不始终专注于培养高效团队的条件,就会降低效率.

Essential factors for executive teams

英皇体育APP的顾问与领导者和他们的团队合作,加强对优秀高管团队至关重要的六个因素. 方法如下:

  • 领导

    英皇体育APP说的就是事实, 作为团队优势和机会的一面诚实的镜子,并通过提供指导来支持CEO领导,使他们能够领导一个优秀的执行团队.

  • 目的

    英皇体育APP与首席执行官和团队一起确定团队的目标:不仅仅是团队存在的原因, but also the collective work that only a high performing executive team can do, clarifying the unique value of the team now and in the future.

  • We help the people on the team to deliver value, collectively and individually, bringing Korn Ferry’s unique blend of assessment, 领导力发展, and search capability to the team.

  • 流程

    英皇体育APP为成功而建立团队,明确决策权并建立过程(e.g., agendas, pre-read, meeting minutes, etc.), that can so easily derail performance if not properly established.

  • 标准的行为


  • 发展

    We enable the team’s continuous development through coaching; structuring time to pause and reflect so the team has the feedback and tools that enable them to grow in capability over time.

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